Proteus Vision ERP

Proteus ERP

Device and operating system agnostic, all pervasive, productivity enhancement tool.

Proteus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a cloud based ERP solution. Built on more than a decade long experience of handling enterprise needs, Proteus Vision ERP is a device and operating system agnostic, all pervasive, productivity enhancement tool that is intended to help organizations of various sizes – (SMEs) small, medium or large - enjoy the Cloud experience.

Proteus, through its group companies, has been offering enterprise wide solutions for a decade or so. Based out of Mumbai, India, Proteus has expertise in understanding various functionalities such as supply chain management, finance & accounts and various manufacturing processes used by process industries. The Pharmaceutical version of Proteus Vision ERP has successfully met regulatory compliances.

Proteus Vision ERP has been successfully deployed in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Plastics, Construction and Engineering industries.
Proteus Vision ERP is your affordable way to propel your business to the Cloud.



Improved User Experience

* Cloud based ERP solution
* Preconfigured master
* Ease of use
* Ease of update

Short “Go To Live” time

* Easy to create Supplier, Customer & Item masters
* Seamless migration of opening balances
* Preconfigured Chart of Accounts
* Gobal taxation module


Built in Controls

* Workflow enablement workfield
* Role based user rights
* Better inventory control
* Single point data entry

Dashboards & MIS

* Real time business status
* Hierarchy based MIS reports.
* Mobile device friendly dashboards