Short “Go To Live” time

* Start taking finance receipts from first day: The ease of use of Proteus ERP allows the user to start business with minimal configuration. Customers, suppliers, items, taxes, chart of accounts can be created as one starts using the solution.

* Facility to upload opening balances. This ensures seamless transition from legacy system to new ERP. User can ‘Go Live’ from any date of the accounting period.

* Easy tax configuration: Proteus ERP requires user to go through minimum number of steps to configure taxes applicable on various types of transactions that he / she intend to perform. Solution takes care of all complexities and creates tax environments automatically.

Better Controls

* Proteus ERP has built in workflow for document approval. Payment Vouchers, credit / debit notes created by one user can be escalated to pre-designated higher authority for approval. Document approval can be done on mobile devices.

MIS & Dashboards

* User specific dashboards: Proteus ERP Dashboards are built around vital business indicators – daily / periodic receipts & payments, outstanding, ageing, funds positions with banks etc. They present a holistic view of the business so that user can take decisions that can improve productivity, build strategy and accelerate growth. These dashboards offer drill down feature that allow the user to carry out on the fly analysis.

* Set of predefined reports: Proteus ERP has a set of pre-defined finance reports that give insight into daily activities of the business. These reports can be viewed for other periods of time as well – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual (or a user defined period). Options of either auto generation of reports on a single click of a button or requesting user to define broader range of parameters for more exhaustive details increases the usability of reports.